EREZ is an Israeli-American singer-songwriter whose songs celebrate the deeper, more pensive side of life. His music is sparse, traversing folk, blues and rock, and characterized by his expressive vocals and warm guitar tones. His upcoming independent release “The Rose of Jericho” is an intimate collection of songs that explore the conflict between one’s necessity to move on and his inability to let go of the emotional attachments that connect him to his past.

EREZ, an Israeli-American singer-songwriter, always felt pulled by the need to keep moving. Raised in a remote town by the Dead Sea, his wanderlust soon led him around the world, studying philosophy and cultures from Asia to New York. Each city offered new insights and perspectives that left impressions in his thoughts and lyrics. Connecting with the tones of Austin, TX, Erez has made it his home for over two years; the longest he has remained in one place to date. When asked why he decided to stay, he replied in a musing tone, “Maybe it’s the heat that reminds me of where I came from that makes me want to stay here a little longer.”